For almost all my life I had lived in one place, from middle school to college. The environment around me was safe and familiar. At times I felt as if I had become too comfortable, and at the same time stagnant. I really wanted to shake off that feeling and step out of my comfort zone. I also wanted to do something for myself, learn … Continue reading APEKSHA’S REFLECTIVE ESSAY.

The network makes the Net-worth.

Networking plays a very important role in starting your own business. Like someone once said, “Nothing great has ever accomplished alone.” Study: For 78% Of Startups, Networking Is Vital To Entrepreneurial Success (Forbes, 2014) It is one of the most vital duties of every entrepreneur to network. Not just because it is good to know someone, but it is crucial for your business to know the people, especially … Continue reading The network makes the Net-worth.

Pitch Perfect.

Ready.. Set.. Annnd… PITCH! Our team Hi-Phive had to pitch at the Bright Ideas Competition for Edamame Pod, and boy were we nervous. We had to prepare a 3-minute pitch for the judges, and then another 3-5 minute for question and answers. The judges were all business experts from different industries, with a lot of experience and advice for us starters. There were so many … Continue reading Pitch Perfect.

Small package of value.

While we were developing our business, the Edamame Pod, we used a tool called the Value Proposition Canvas (VPC). I think it is an interesting tool, as it allows you to really understand your customer. It is a must-have for anyone starting out a new venture (Blank, 2014). For entrepreneurs, it is vital that they understand their Value proposition as it also reduces the time … Continue reading Small package of value.

It’s AD time!

After months of prototyping and testing, our Edamame Pod was ready for the world! All made and done, ready to be sold. We had done our bit of marketing via Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. It was now time to make an advertisement. After a group meeting, we decided that we wanted our ad to be impactful and simple- Just like our pod. We wanted to … Continue reading It’s AD time!

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow.

After being cancelled once, we finally had our trade fair, but with one plot twist- It was snowing and cold! But that didn’t deter us at all. This was one of our first opportunities to experience selling our Edamame Pod to the public of Kingston, and we were excited. It was held at Eden Walk- A place that usually is pretty busy, especially during the … Continue reading Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow.

My ability, Sustainability.

One thing we knew for certain was that no matter the shape or form of our Edamame Pod, it would be as sustainable and eco-friendly as possible. We wanted to reduce the use of plastic- An issue that our world currently faces. “Everyday, approximately 15,000 pieces of plastic is dumped into our oceans. In addition, every year over 1 million seabirds and 100,000 marine animals … Continue reading My ability, Sustainability.